Introducing Cryptocurrency For Pet Health

August 19, 2018

Universal Pet Health Care Database

Veterinary pet health care history data shared between Vets to help provide much better diagnosis and application of appropriate care
June 27, 2018

Fee Offset Pet Insurance

Pet coin enables the general public to participate in pet insurance schemes through utilising the power of crypto currency
June 27, 2018

Invest In Your Pets Health

Petcoin is an innovative way to invest in the crypto-currency and save money on pet ownership at the same time.

Benefits of PetCoin

Petcoin is currently an ERC20 token that will function as a store of value. Acting as a form of Pet Savings or Unconditional Insurance for pet owners to spend Petcoin on treatments and pet care, with vets and retailers being paid in regular dollars, seamlessly and instantly using the Petcoin App

Statistics and graphs

See how petcoin compares to other trading crypto currencies (probably delete this - its just a filler)

Price Volume (24h) Change
Bitcoin $6 345 $3 410 520 +0.4%
Ethereum $435.65 $1 418 630 000 +1.3%
Dash $229.19 $153 088 000 -0.9%
Litecoin $80.53 $283 573 000 +2.2%
Monero $127.35 $41 956 900 +3.75%
Steem $1.26 $902 686 -2.88%

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